Children in Hot Vehicles
"Close Calls"

Jan Null, CCM


In addition to the tragic deaths documented at Heatstroke Deaths of Children in Vehicles, there are far too many "close calls".  This page will serve as a dynamic list of only some of the cases that come to my attention.

Date Location Incident
May 19 UK Firefighters free child locked in car on hot day
May 18 CA Visalia man arrested on suspicion of leaving baby boy in hot car in SaveMart parking lot
May 14 VA Hanover sheriff: Mother arrested after child left in hot car
May 13 FL Woman charged with leaving baby in hot car
May 7 TX Smith Co. woman arrested for leaving child in hot car
May 7 MO Police: Woman leaves 1-year-old in hot car while shoplifting from Schnucks
May 1 MS Miss. woman charged after leaving children in running vehicle
Apr 29 FL Infant left in hot car while mother was grocery shopping
Apr 28 IN Dad arrested after 9-month-old baby left alone in hot car
Apr 26 MO Woman suspected of leaving child in hot car while shopping
Apr 14 AZ Chandler mom left toddler in hot car, police say

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